Hot-shop herring

Location: Glasriket

Warmth from the furnaces and from the pleasant company. Sing-along and curd cake. Hot-shop herring
in the glassblowing room is more than a meal – it is a historical way of making an evening of it!

At the beginning of the 20th century, times were tough for many Småland residents and some were forced to become vagabonds. When the glassblowers finished the day’s work in the blowing room, the furnaces were used to prepare food. Fellow workers and hunters from surrounding forests gathered in the warm area around the furnace, and vagabonds also came there to warm themselves and get a bite to eat. In return, they provided the entertainment.

The party night evolved from this tradition. Traditional Småland food – owen baked herring, crisp-fried bacon, Isterband sausage and baked potatoes – is prepared in the annealing furnaces in the blowing room. To round it off, you munch on genuine Småland curd cake. There’s no chance that you will leave a hot-shop herring evening hungry! While you eat well, the glassblowers and musicians provide entertainment. You also will get a chance to try your hand at glassblowing

Hot-shop herring is served in Bergdala, Kosta, Målerås and Pukeberg.

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