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Address: 36051 HOVMANTORP Show map

Address: 36051 HOVMANTORP

A French-inspired restaurant in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland

The restaurant opens in September!

There has been a restaurant in Strömbergshyttan since the end of the 1870s. The restaurant owners Elin, Gael and Nico are three friends from Provence who have awakened this beautiful building from its slumber with lots of enthusiasm and hard work. On 5 September, they open the doors to a modern restaurant with the focus on:

Well-cooked food from scratch with Mediterranean tastes – Local produce – A welcoming atmosphere.

The plan is for the restaurant to have a lunch menu with different lunch dishes every day – including vegetarian options – and a more varied evening menu.

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    46 070-5797749
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    36051 HOVMANTORP

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