Mundekulla Eco-Living

Address: Mundekulla Kurs & Retreatgård, 36195 Långasjö Show map

Address: Mundekulla Kurs & Retreatgård, 36195 Långasjö

Live ecologically in fantastic surroundings good for both body and soul. In beautiful Mundekulla in the Småland countryside outside Emmaboda, you will find the new Eco-Living.

The facility, which maintains hotel standards, is built with an ecological configuration, and at least 80 percent of all food served is organic. This is a place where you can enjoy nature, bask in the sauna, paddle canoes in a nearby lake, hike, rent bicycles, relax or visit the Kingdom of Crystal and the emigrant district. Take advantage of the opportunity to extend your stay. You get a 20% discount beginning with the second night.

• There is a small eco-shop on the grounds
• Swim in a spring-fed lake, hike trails
• Access to a small kitchenette as well as a small kitchen
• Bicycle SEK 50/day (booked on site)
• Canoe SEK 80/day (booked on site)
• Wood-fired sauna SEK 100/group (booked on site)

Breakfast included in the rate. You are responsible yourself for other meal preparation in the kitchen or kitchenette.

It is also possible to rent the Spa and relaxation area. Rooms at Mundekulla are insulated with various ecological insulation materials.

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About this activity

  • Mobile phone
    0046 471 504 50
  • Street address 1
    Mundekulla Kurs & Retreatgård
  • City (address)
    36195 Långasjö
  • Contact person email

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