Transjö workshop

Address: Transjö, 36052 Kosta Show map

Address: Transjö, 36052 Kosta

Transjö workshop is beautifully situated right by the banks of the river Lyckebyån. There is a wonderful atmosphere in Transjö and the surroundings are beautiful. There is no café here but if you take a picnic you can enjoy the lovely Småland countryside at its best.

The workshop was built by the two master glassblowers Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven-Åke Carlsson who have been living and working in Transjö for the last 25 years. This is where they create fantastic art glassware which has real artistic content. They can let their imaginations roam free, since these two professional master glassblowers have extensive technical knowledge of glass techniques.
Ritzman and Carlsson take on apprentice glass students every year in their Swedish workshop and they have also travelled the world and taught in glass schools in Japan, the US and Swaziland.

They have constructed a glass shop with a small exhibition hall in part of an old barn. Here you can purchase seconds as well as first class rare objects.

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