Hyttsill at Kosta Glassworks

Date: Tuesday 18 jul 2017 - Thursday 31 Aug 2017

Hyttsill (hot-shop herring) at Kosta – an entire evening in the blowing room with great food, presentations by the most skilled master glassblowers, who also help you give it a try, and captivating musical entertainment in a wholly unique place.

Hyttsill with vagabond traditions. Today hot-shop herring is a festive meal prepared in the traditional manner. Pickled herring, simple fare prepared with great finesse in the annealing kiln where earlier in the day glassware was placed to slowly cool. The potatoes have been baked in their skins as in the past.

So when the glassblowers have gone home, the long tables are set with herring, crisp-fried bacon, Isterband sausage, lingonberry jam and foaming drinks. Dessert includes genuine Småland cheesecake with strawberry jam and whipped cream. The scent of burned wood and hot iron remains in the air, mixing with cooking aromas.
The molten glass in the furnace illuminates the blowing room with its soft glow – and naturally you get a chance to try glassblowing yourself.

As a guest during a hyttsill evening in the Kingdom of Crystal, you will enjoy camaraderie, warmth and good food. Just as vagabonds and people in the district always have.

Note! If there are too few reservations, the hyttsill evening is cancelled. In that case, your total amount is refunded, of course

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