Hyttsill Exclusive at Pukeberg

It’s an exceptional experience. Darkness begins to descend outside, and up the stairway the faint murmur of the furnaces can be Heard.

Light from the cut-glass chandeliers along with the ovens illuminates the blowing room, where the tables are set for an evening oriented to glass.
After a welcoming drink, you take a seat at the table for dinner, the troubadours begin playing softly and candles on the table cause the glasses to glitter. After the meal everyone gets an opportunity to blow his or her own bowl/vase, which can be picked up during the following day. A memento that immortalises a magical evening in the blowing room.
Blow your own bowl/vase to be picked up at Pukeberg the day after the hyttsill evening.
Welcoming drink in a whisky glass that every guest may keep and engrave.
Troubadour entertainment and traditional hyttsill food, a glass of sparkling wine for the glassblowing.
During the evening a 25% discount is offered in the works shop.

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