Cycling on railway embankments

Nybro – Orrefors – Gullaskruv - Målerås – Sävsjöström – Åseda
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Cycle along the old railway through a fantastic countryside on the edge of the Småland highlands in the Kingdom of Crystal. You will pass dense forests, broad swamps, small lakes, winding brooks and red-painted farms with fields and grazing land. Experience nature, culture, small communities and the mystique of the Småland forests on a route that extends a total of 65 km from Nybro to Åseda. The trip begins at Målerås Hostel, where you pick up your bicycles and prepare for departure at 9:00.
Cycling on railway embankments in the Kingdom of Crystal
Nybro – Orrefors – Gullaskruv - Målerås – Sävsjöström – Åseda
A total of about 65 km Nybro – Åseda

If you want to spend the night, Målerås Hostel and Hotell Olof in Åseda are worth considering.

A cycling package that includes the following items costs SEK 270
- Bicycle rental for a day
- Picnic and snack package in an insulated bag
- Map and trip description

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