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Area: Glasriket (20 km to Åfors)  Map

Bath Swim in Lake Hultabräan on the road between Alsjöholm and Eskilsryd. A small swimming area on the lake’s northwestern side. Drinking water reservoir!

Konditori BM:s

Area: Glasriket (22 km to Åfors)  Map

Cafés A classic patisserie with a wide assortment of pastries and cakes as well as baguettes, warm sandwiches, bread and more.

L' instant

Area: Glasriket (22 km to Åfors)  Map

Food and drink, Restaurants A French-inspired restaurant in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal in Småland The restaurant opens in September!


Area: Glasriket (23 km to Åfors)  Map

Bath Located just northwest of Nybro. Turn off road 31 by the sign toward Resebo. Jetties, BBQ sites, shallow water. NOTE: Deep water beyond the jetties!

James Bond 007-museum Nybro

Area: Glasriket (24 km to Åfors)  Map

Museum In Nybro, you can find the world’s first James Bond 007-museum. Here you can find everything connected to the film hero James Bond. For example, you can see the original film po...

Nybro bruksbutik

Area: Glasriket (24 km to Åfors)  Map

Glass Many of the items in the works shop are painted with a relatively new technique, airbrushing, which also is used to paint cars, among other things. The result is modern, colourf...

Nybro Glassworks

Area: Glasriket (24 km to Åfors)  Map

Glassworks At Nybro Glassworks the focus is largely on painted glass. Naturally all products are hand-painted. The latest collection has a beautiful retro design on bowls, vases and candle...

Emmaboda Golf Club

Area: Glasriket (24 km to Åfors)  Map

Golf Welcome to one of Sweden’s most beautiful golf courses. The course, which is a medium difficult park- and wood course, is located in a landscape typical for Småland.

Hot-Shop herring at Pukeberg Glassworks

Area: Glasriket (25 km to Åfors)  Map

Hyttsill Experience a delightful evening party in the blowing room with traditional Småland food, entertainment and master-level glassblowing. Before Christmas the hyttsill menu is expan...

Svartbäcksmåla Recreation Area

Area: Glasriket (25 km to Åfors)  Map

Vandring, Hiking & Bicycling A recreation area in Nybro with jogging loops, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, an outdoor gym and a natural playground.

Pukebergs Glassworks

Area: Glasriket (25 km to Åfors)  Map

Glassworks Welcome to Pukebergs Glassworks a design center, situated in a beautifun environment just outside the center of Nybro.

Café Hos Oss

Area: Glasriket (26 km to Åfors)  Map

Food and drink, Cafés, Restaurants Breakfast, morning coffee, lunch or dinner… at Café Hos Oss, everything is cooked and baked with care, primarily using local ingredients and producers. After work events, music ...

Pukeberg bruksbutik

Area: Glasriket (26 km to Åfors)  Map

Glass The shop in Pukeberg is located in the same premises as the blowing room. When you pass among the shelves, you can almost feel the heat from the furnaces. Colourful glass predom...

Bsweden - bold lighting

Area: Glasriket (28 km to Åfors)  Map

Outlets Kumulus, Fling and Manhattan are just a few of the lamps from Bsweden in Herråkra, which has conquered the world with its bold designs. As an example, a giant one-off version of...

Mickes Vilt Rökeri

Area: Glasriket (29 km to Åfors)  Map

Restaurants, Food and drink In Sävsjöström you find Mickes Vilt Rökeri serving their award winning air dried and cold smoked delicacies in a restaurant that mixes Austrian and Småland cuisine.

Stream fishing in Alsterån

Area: Glasriket (30 km to Åfors)  Map

Fishing, boat & canoes The area known as Stream fishing in Alsterån is a 15-km-long section along the Alsterån river, most of it real wilderness away from crowds. Strömfiske Alsterån aspires to be one...

Lenhovda swimming area

Area: Glasriket (30 km to Åfors)  Map

Bath, Family This family-friendly swimming area is located at Lenhovdasjön lake by the camping site. There is also a mini golf course and café here.

Store Hindsjön lake

Area: Glasriket (33 km to Åfors)  Map

Activities, Bath, Family A swimming area located in Alsterbro. Large, beautiful place to swim with jetties, diving tower and dressing room adjoining a camping site. Shallow for a long way out and child-...

Granhult Church

Area: Glasriket (38 km to Åfors)  Map

Churches Granhults Church, situated north of Lenhovda truly is a cultural treasure. It was build around year 1220 and is the oldest wooden church in Sweden. In connection with the Church...

Hauges Hantverksglas

Area: Glasriket (39 km to Åfors)  Map

Glassworks, Art and handicraft, Glass The glassworks takes an environmental approach and works primarily on remodelling non-returnable bottles, turning them into utility glassware. Visitors are welcome to the glassw...

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