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6 Apr 2020 - 28 Dec 2020
Area: Glasriket (19 km to Åfors)  Map Guest score: 100% 15 of 15 recommended
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Family, Temaparker Welcome to Glasriket’s Moose Park in Nybro. Meet Europe’s largest land animal close up with our guided safari tour.

Try blowing your own bowl at Målerås Glassworks

19 Feb 2020 - 20 Dec 2020
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Activities, Glass experiences, Family [...] Is it as easy as the glassblowers make it appear? Create and blow your own bowl along with a glassblower at Målerås Glassworks.

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Åfors Ceramics and Gallery

Area: Glasriket (0.1 km to Åfors)  Map

Art and handicraft, Galleri och konst Here you will find exciting pottery, as well as unique art objects.


Area: Glasriket (2 km to Åfors)  Map

Glassworks, Art and handicraft, Glass Three glass artists Lars Sø, Maja Cunningham and Simon Holm try out new techniques and shapes in their own blowing room.

Johansfors Gallery

Area: Glasriket (6 km to Åfors)  Map

Galleri och konst, Sights The Gallery specialises in the work of British and Nordic studio artists.

Transjö workshop

Area: Glasriket (7 km to Åfors)  Map

Glassworks, Sights Transjö workshop is beautifully situated right by the banks of the river Lyckebyån. There is a wonderful atmosphere in Transjö and the surroundings are beautiful. There is no ca...

Transjö Glasbod

Area: Glasriket (8 km to Åfors)  Map

Glass The surroundings in Transjö can only be described as idyllic. Transjö Glasbod is a converted barn that creates a picture postcard view of Småland and the Kingdom of Crystal, wit...

Hot-shop herring

Area: Glasriket (9 km to Åfors)  Map

Hyttsill Warmth from the furnaces and from the pleasant company. Sing-along and curd cake. Hot-shop herring in the glassblowing room is more than a meal – it is a historical way of maki...

Kosta Wildlifecamp

Area: Glasriket (9 km to Åfors)  Map

Family, Båt och kanot, Fishing, boat & canoes In the dense forests of Småland outside Kosta, you can experience the Swedish wilderness.


Area: Glasriket (9 km to Åfors)  Map

Museum, Sights Duvemåla located just north of Emmaboda. It was in Duvemåla Vilhelm Moberg's grandmother was born 1833. The place gave Moberg inspiration to the Emigrant novel Kristina, who had...

Kosta Safaripark

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Activities, Family In Kosta Safaripark you can get close to the wild animals in their natural environments.

Vagabond museum in Boda

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Museum Visit the Vagabond museum in Boda. Here one will find pictures and information about the vagabonds walking from glassworks to glassworks during the poor times in Swedish history...

Grönåsen Moosepark

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Family, Temaparker Welcome to the moose park and moose shop in Grönåsen. Follow the 1300 m long walking track around the forest enclosure and study the many moose’s living there.

Skruf Glassworks

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Glassworks Timeless and stylistically pure glass is characteristic of Skruf Glassworks. All glass here is made by hand down to the most minute detail. Tradition and fresh ideas are combine...

Skruf’s works shop

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Glass Skruf’s stylistically pure design idiom permeates the entire shop, with clear glass, clean lines, beauty and functionality at the same time. Timeless products fill the shelves o...

The Boda blowing room

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Glassworks The Boda blowing room located inside The Glass Factory museum is the museum’s hot, pulsating heart! It serves as a creative meeting place to which national and international c...

The Glass Factory Shop

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Shopping, Outlets, Glass The Glass Factory Shop specialises in glass and glass-related products. The selection is characterised by innovation, creativity and renewal that can be purchased exclusively at...

The Glass Factory

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Glassworks, Museum The Glass Factory today is Sweden’s only purely experience-based glass museum, and its art glass collection of more than 30,000 articles is the largest in Sweden.

Hermans Kristall

Area: Glasriket (11 km to Åfors)  Map

Shopping, Glass The small company with the unusual and beautiful art glass. All the items are handmade and of the very best quality. Herman Gatterer works with techniques rare today and defend...

Kosta open-air pools

Area: Glasriket (13 km to Åfors)  Map

Bath, Family The Kosta pools are located in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal on the outskirts of the community of Kosta. The three pools are heated. There is also a service building with ...

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