Målerås glasswork

Address: Industrigatan 20, 38042 Målerås Show map

Address: Industrigatan 20, 38042 Målerås

There has been a glassworks in Målerås since 1890 when they produced window glass. Today it is mainly art and decorative glassware that is ground, painted and engraved. The animal reliefs in crystal by head designer Mats Jonasson are well-known all over the world.

Mats Jonasson Målerås is the largest privately-owned glassworks in Sweden. The head designer at the glassworks, Mats Jonasson, was born and grew up in the district and he is also the major owner. In the exhibition hall you can see both old engraved masterpieces and the very latest creations. There is also a shop at the glassworks selling glass at factory prices.

At the glassworks there is a restaurant that serves lunches and a café with a view over the workshop. This is open all the year round and here glass is both blown and cast. It is also possible to watch the glass being ground and engraved. Målerås also serves the traditional hot shop herring.

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